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Extremely thorough, accommodating , on time and very easy to deal with. We have over a 500 foot driveway and parking lot that our patients our thrilled with the results. We went to the right place. A job well done.

William B. 7/13/2020
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Found Don on a Google search. He came over quick for a very fair estimate to repair my window wells, run gutter downspouts underground and then regrade my property to stop my flooded basement issues. He was did what he said he would and showed when he said. Had a great experience and my basement is dry after recent heavy rains Oct 28 2019 Update After the last two downpours we recently had in the area that would have certainly flooded my basement.... All is dry 👍. No puddling near my foundation and the gutter system Don installed works perfectly to move all the roof water far away from the house. Thx Don👍

Andrew B. 7/13/2020

Excavation In Napeague

5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Excavation Contractors for Your Napeague, NY Landscaping Project

D&D Grading, Inc. is a full-service, fully licensed, and insured excavation company. For more than 35 years, we have proudly provided the Suffolk County community with top-quality, reliable, fast, safe, and affordable excavation services. It’s because of our commitment to quality and dedication to delivering exceptional results that we are hailed one of the leading excavation contractors in the area. Whether you need to have a hole dug for a septic tank installation, you’re planning on installing a pool, you need a foundation for a newly constructed building, or you are in need of professional land clearing and excavation services for any other reason, if you’re looking for excavation companies near me, contact the company that countless Napeague, NY property owners rely on: D&D Grading, Inc.

5 Reasons to Hire Professional Excavation Contractors

When you’re planning an excavation project, one of the first and most crucial things you’ll need to decide is whether you should hire a contractor or if you should rent the equipment and do the job yourself. While taking the DIY approach may be tempting (after all, who doesn’t like the idea of working with heavy machinery and the feeling that comes with knowing you did the job yourself?), some jobs are better left in the hands of a professional. Excavating is one of those jobs. Why? Here’s a look at five great reasons to hire Suffolk County excavation companies instead of doing the digging yourself.

The Right Equipment and Credentials 

Unless you’re a professional excavator by trade, chances are you don’t have excavation equipment hanging around, and even professional excavators usually don’t have their own machinery. In order to do that heavy digging, you’d have to rent the machinery, such as backhoe loaders, bulldozers, excavators, trenchers, and the like. On top of that, you need to have the proper permits to operate excavating equipment, not to mention the fact that you’ll need some type of training and practice to ensure that you’re using the equipment safely and properly. Licensed excavation contractors not only have access to the tools and equipment that are needed to dig out large amounts of earth, but they’ve also been extensively trained, have the right permits, are fully licensed, and know how to correctly operate the tools and machinery.

Safer Results

Operating heavy machinery can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. All it takes is one minor error to make a major mistake that could potentially damage your property or worse, cause serious injuries. Excavator companies employ professionally trained and fully licensed technicians who know how to safely operate the equipment that needs to be used to dig trenches, foundations, driveways, septic systems, or any other project you’re having done. Plus, reputable excavation companies have the insurance that is necessary to protect you, your property, and their crew. If something goes wrong – your land or a building on your Napeague, NY property is damaged or someone is injured – the company’s insurance will cover the cost of repairs or medical care. Thanks to proper training and insurance, you’ll have peace of mind that your excavation project will be done as safely as possible, and if any errors do occur, you’ll be covered. 

Prepared for the Unexpected

When it comes to excavating, the saying “expect the unexpected” comes to mind. Excavation projects don’t always go as planned; the edges of the dig area can cave in, buried pipes or electrical lines can pop up by surprise, machinery can topple over, large boulders can be hidden underneath the surface of the soil, etc. These unexpected occurrences can make excavating a lot more complicated, require serious changes in plans, and can throw off the timeline of completion. Professional excavation contractors will know how to deal with these unforeseen circumstances and can modify plans to ensure that the job is successfully completed and that it’s finished as quickly and safely as possible.

Proper Planning

Excavation requires careful planning. The right measurements need to be taken, the ground has to be prepped to ensure the dig site will properly accommodate the project, trees, and other structures may need to be removed, and buried wires and pipes have to be identified before digging can start. Reputable excavation companies know what preparations need to be made and ensure that they make them before the project begins to ensure success.

Less Expensive

Like a lot of Napeague, NY property owners, you probably assume that doing your own excavation work will be less expensive than hiring a professional to do the job for you; however, in reality, DIY excavating can actually cost more than hiring a pro. The cost of renting the equipment alone can be expensive. Add in any property damage or injuries that occur as a result of errors and the cost of doing the job yourself can be exorbitant. Since professional excavator contractors have access to the necessary tools, they know how to properly plan and safely execute digging projects, and they have insurance that will cover the cost of any errors that may occur, hiring professional excavator contractors is much more economical than digging or trenching on your own.

D&D Grading, Inc.: Suffolk County’s Top Excavation Professionals

Are you planning a project that requires digging? If so and you’re looking for excavation companies near me, be sure to get in touch with D&D Grading, Inc. Our team of fully licensed and insured professionals has more than 35 years of experience and uses the most state-of-the-art equipment, proven strategies, and safest techniques to deliver outstanding results. To learn more about our excavation process and how we can help you prepare your Napeague, NY land for your upcoming project, get in touch with us today! Call 631-432-3876 or visitwww.DDGrading.com and submit our online contact form. At D&D Graing, Inc., we look forward to meeting all your digging needs.